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dimanche 24 janvier 2010


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I have interesting memories about Pont Marie. It was in the early sixties. I was a student in Paris and used to drive a 2CV Citroên. I was running my car quai des Célestins, fast enough I guess, and came at the level of Pont Marie, where another car (a huge Mecedes) coming from Hôtel de Ville, decided to turn left into rue des Nonnains d'Hyères. The traffic light was green for me. I saw the bulky car in the scope of my wind-screen and I suddenly realized that I had too much momentum to avoid a terrible encounter. This is exactly what happened. The Mercedes resisted the shock but my little 2CV was nearly destroyed. By chance, I was safe and being on the right side of the street while the Mecedes was engaged on its left, the experts of the insurrance companies agreed that I should be 100% compensated for the dammage. Thanks God ! But I was not compensated for the emotion that overwhelmed me during the few fractions of a second when I strived like mad on the brakes to prevent my car from striking the one in front of me. This vision haunted my nignts for months.

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